Monday, July 9, 2007

Writing Philosophy: (ongoing)

A whole bunch of words isn’t gonna prove I’m smart.

They’re definitely not gonna help anyone understand me better. And isn’t that the point of writing? To communicate an intended meaning. It’s hard for me to write more than I have to say. It seems like writing is like that for, like, everything.

To wit, I think the word "like" as I have just used it, gets a bad rap. Yes, the sense is colloquial, but it is also literal and means “as in;” as in the way similes work. Someone who fancies himself a word doctor would tell you, "no, doesn't work like that." But actually it does, like, in actual life. So why not write that way? It would be easier to say what one means if one weren't so concerned with how to say things. That's my point.

Anyway, I find a lot of writing to be unnecessarily confusing because it more intends to adhere to some tacit standard of writing rather than to mean something--to let the meaning tell itself as itself alone. It, the meaning, is often covered in word-muck.

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