Monday, July 9, 2007

. I start with a period.

They start and end thoughts. Clearly. A period is unambiguous. You know that it means you are beginning again. Even when I write notes or outline, the first thing I write is a period, and then I end with a period. I think people could use more periods. Few meanings are as widely understood as the period. Just look at commas.

This is my blog. Ongoing. I don’t know what or how or who or when I will “write” yet. But when I “write” it will be here. In the form that is “my writing”: Sex, America, Race, Me. Essentially. And also lots of pics. A mixture, melange, pot pourri. You’ll see. As will I. Enjoy and please comment often. Hopefully, together, we can figure me out. My email is to the left.

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  1. See I've always been a bigger fan of commas. I admire how a few well-placed commas can completely change the meaning of a sentence. Periods just end the thought, but commas can take the thought to new and unexpected places. I just wonder if people read it in their head the same way that the people writing it intend.